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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swamp People: Troy Sound Board

It was Cave's birthday last week and his new favorite show is Swamp People on the History channel. The people on this show are awesome catching alligators, snakes, and anything else in the swamp you can eat or sell. I told cave I would make him a "Troy" soundboard and here it is.

If your on a jPhone or jPad this might not work, because it is flash.


  1. ha ha ha i love swamp people yee haw git r done callahan redneck ,bruceypoo ... i love bridgett <3

  2. Where's the "Tree Shaker"?

  3. That's funny as hell! Im here in the atchafalaya basin right now and on the way here my wife got mad at me for my Troy imatation lol.
    We're heading out on a tour tomorrow I'll let you know if i see BIG HEAD!

    Thank you for the time you spent making that soundboard!

  4. Thanks Sean, Glad you liked it. Good luck on the tour. Remember to keep your hands and feet in the boat.

  5. Love it (: This is my favorite show !

  6. This is freakin ace. CHOOODUM ELIDUBUT!!!