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Monday, March 22, 2010

Mom's Bday

So the other day was my moms birthday and she wanted me to make her something. So I illustrated a picture of my niece her first grand kid so I knew she would like it. Hahahaha. I used some new techniques combined with a few old ones I was learned in school. Since she helped pay for school I thought she would like to know I did learned something. Using Illustrator and Photoshop I vectorized and color this picture of my niece. First I outlined it in illustrator then I went over it again and added some more detail. After that I used the pencil tool in illustrator and used a transparent color and layered them to color it. Then using Photoshop I created the background using some textures and some vector shapes I created in illustrator. To finish it up I put them all together and sized them up in Photoshop.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Powerpoint !

I haven't worked in Power Point in a while had to make two slides at work. They look nice here is my ruff layout. The images in the iPhone are animated and the images on the PC and MAC slide also animate. I also created a vector iPhone that was easier to make then I thought. Mesh Tool I own you! The screen is blank so I could put the slides in.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Setting up the Paste Up.

Ok so I changed the picture I was going to use for the Paste Up and here is how I made the new one. First a little photochopping.
First needed a USC player.

I then needed to fill in that guy who's head is cut off in the picture above. He needs to be from Notre Dame but this guy will do.

Then I cut each player out of the picture and photochopped them together.

After everything is cut and pasted together I took it in to Illustrator and outlined it with the brush and my pen tablet.

Then I put a heavy stroke to outline the football players.

Then I colored it in with a watercolor style of coloring. One a USC guy and one a Notre Dame guy.

Then I put a logo in the back ground.

Now I need to put it in the program to make a block poster of it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Paste Up!

So I am going to be doing a mural/Paste up in a salon in town and I need to practice. I convinced my friend Reed to let me do my first one in his garage. He said I could do anything I want. Since he is a USC fan I am trying out some USC designs. Also since I have never done anything like this I am trying to figure out how to make it so it looks good and easy to put up and layout. I have found a lot of websites that tell you how to make the wheat paste (the glue) to put it up. So now I am mostly working on how big do I want it and how detailed do I want to get. Since Reed garage is at my house I will have to see it everyday so it will have to look good. I might do a MMA one instead of USC, But I don't know yet. The picture is just a ruff layout of my first attempt with the a poster program that cuts the art work up for you. Right now I am working with 5'x5'. Its pretty big and i printed this one out on letter size paper so 8.5"x11". Its like one big puzzle haha. Hopefully this weekend I can start.

Here are some of the websites I used to find stuff:
WheatPasting How To
Block Poster

Friday, March 5, 2010


I just started a new store go check it out. If it does well I will increase the size of it and sell more things.
Go check it out!

Stalla Banner

Brian and Pete came and asked me to create a banner and some slides at 5 and they were due the next day. it turned out pretty good.