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Monday, March 15, 2010

Setting up the Paste Up.

Ok so I changed the picture I was going to use for the Paste Up and here is how I made the new one. First a little photochopping.
First needed a USC player.

I then needed to fill in that guy who's head is cut off in the picture above. He needs to be from Notre Dame but this guy will do.

Then I cut each player out of the picture and photochopped them together.

After everything is cut and pasted together I took it in to Illustrator and outlined it with the brush and my pen tablet.

Then I put a heavy stroke to outline the football players.

Then I colored it in with a watercolor style of coloring. One a USC guy and one a Notre Dame guy.

Then I put a logo in the back ground.

Now I need to put it in the program to make a block poster of it.

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