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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Park Avenue Part 9 - FINISHED!

After a full day of work on Monday plus an hour of overtime. (A little extra cash is always nice.) I decided to head over to the shop and finish this beast of a painting. When I got to the shop I couldn’t find my supplies. So 30 minutes later Sarah and Johnny showed up to help me look. They were just moved under the sink. I am a dork. While I waited I did some clean up removing pencil lines and any tape I missed. After I chatted it up with Johnny for a bit I got down to work. First hit the painting with the brush doing some of the finer details and after I finished that I used the sponge to add a little more texture and age look to the buildings. 2 or 3 hours later I was DONE! WOO HOO!…… I started in July and finished in October. Sounds like a really long time, but it actually only took 9 days. I could only work about one day a week on this and a couple of the weeks I already made plans. This was a huge piece 19 feet wide and 8 feet high that is 152 square feet. WOW! That is my biggest painting by far. So working a full time job and 5 - 10 hours of overtime a week, 3 months isn't that bad. I think it turned out great I hope everyone enjoys it.

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