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Monday, July 26, 2010

Park Avenue Part 1

Friday at 9 pm I started working on the mural at Park Avenue Salon. I worked till about 8 am in the morning. My first idea was to do a paste up, but then I changed my mind. Then up until 9:15 pm Friday I was going to use a projector. That plan will end when I discovered I couldn't move some of the stations blocking the projector. So I went with the grid method. I was taught how to do this by my first art teacher Bobby Whitaker. It is a task setting everything up but once you start it moves pretty quick. The grid I am painting is 8 feet high and 19 feet wide. Then with the help of Photoshop I created a grid that was 8 inches high and 19 inches wide. It took an hour or so to set up the grid. Then I started sketching it out. I have finished a rough sketch and started painting a few squares. It is a single color painting so it will take a little less time to paint, but it is very detailed so it will still take a long time. My friend Johnny showed up around 3:30 am to give me some company and brought me a Monster energy drink. He did some mopping and cleaning for a while. Then I gave him a brush and had him paint in the solid squares. Here is a picture of the grid I will slowly up date with more pictures as I go along.

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