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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sink into the Pacific "A"

So my best friend (Yes I still say bestfriend like a school girl) Antho has his own blog and has been going through the alphabet and for each letter he is writing a word. Then he writes a story or a paragraph about the word. So he left a message on my phone asking if I would draw a picture or make an illustration for each word and letter. So I started today with letter A.

Here is what Antho wrote for the Letter A.
A is for Anticipation...
(Yes, I DO always think of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when I hear the word anticipation)

There is a that moment, or rather series of moments strung together, where the anticipation of what is going to happen next is brutal. It's right after your phone vibrates in your pocket and you anticipate that it is a message or call from that person you've been waiting to hear from all day and then just before you find out if it is them or not. It's that quiet moment right before a kiss, especially a first kiss, but also, to an extent, the moment right after a kiss. More? Fingers crossed. It's that stomach drop of "I need to talk to you" or "I have to tell you something" or "Please keep all arms and legs inside of the..." The heavy breathing. Is it hard enough? Is it too soft? Am I in the right place at all? It's opening the door to a new house, a new room, a new backyard. It's walking into a party and knowing it is only a matter of time before something, anything, happens. It's the knocking at your front door. Or, if you are lucky, the doorbell ringing. It's the lights dimming in the club, the bar, the stadium, your room, your life.

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